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Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit (Single-Node) - COM 5 seats 3Y 25.499,00 EUR netto
30.343,81 EUR incl. 19 % UST

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Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit (Single-Node) - COM 5 seats 3Y

Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit (Single-Node)
Commercial 5 Concurrent User
Max 25 Developers Supported
incl. 3 years Intel Priority Support (Updates & technical Support)
for Windows, Linux and MacOS (limited Support)

ESD - Electronic Software Delivery
Intel SKU: ABS999OCGE25X3Z

Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit - Single-node - for
Shared memory systems: PC, laptop, and workstations

Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit - Multi-node - for
Shared and distributed memory systems: clusters, PC, laptops, and workstations

This version of Intel® oneAPI includes Priority Support
at Intel's Online Service Center

for a duration associated with your purchase, typically
one or three year(s). You get:

•  Direct and private interaction with Intel’s support
engineers and ability to submit confidential support
•  Accelerated response time for technical questions and
other product needs
•  Priority support for escalated defects and feature
•  Free download access to all new product updates and
continued access to older versions of the product
•  Access to a vast library of self-help documentation that
builds off decades of experience with creating high-
performance code
•  Access to Intel public community forums supported
by community technical experts and monitored by Intel
•  Optional services at additional cost including on-site/
online training and consultation by Intel technical
consulting engineers

Intel Elite reseller ho-COMPUTER
delivers this Intel-Software to you
within 1-3 working days and without any shipping charges.

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